RDTS 4-Chart Setup

One time payment for lifetime use of the RD Trade System 4-ChartBook.

  • Ready to go Sierra Chart Chart Book
  • RDA + Extreme bands
  • Momentum indicators + fast extreme
  • Added Indicators: Key Levels, RD RSI, Opening Range
  • Lifetime access and all updates included.

One-time payment:


Complete RD Setup

All the key indicators you need to trade the RD Trade System in Sierra Chart:

  • Ready to go immediately after you install. All indicators set at the recommended colors.
  • Momentum indicators
  • RDA with extreme bands
  • Fast momentum indicator and extreme band
  • vWAP
  • All sub indicators for the standard RDTS 4-chart setup
Indicators with Labels

Sub Indicators Included

Included in the RDTS 4-Chart package is other indicators we sell here at EI, these include:

  • Key Levels (WO, DO, previous day vWap)
  • RD Opening Range
  • RD RSI (not yet released)


As a bonus we've included graphics and tutorials for how to create a more streamlined custom control bar.